1. Off the top of my head 沒有仔細想過、大概

Off the top of my head, I’d say we have about 300 employees.


2. Leave for work去上班 / Get off work下班

I leave for work at about 6am. / I get off work at about 5pm.

我大概早上6點出發去上班。 / 我大概下午5點下班。

*發音: 注意for的音會稍微被省略、get off會連音

3. Drop you an email / Ping you (a letter) 寄信 (ping是收到訊息的聲音)

I’ll drop you an email later.


*發音: 注意you跟an會連音,變成有點w的音

4. Give me a shout 告知我

Give me a shout when you’re free.


5. Give me a bell/ring/call 打給我

Give me a bell later.


6. sucking up討好 / kiss-arse 馬屁精

He’s been sucking up to the manager all week. I think he’s a bit of a kiss-arse.


*發音: bit of a 、kiss-arse會連音

7. up in the air混亂、未規劃 / put off 延後

Everything is a bit up in the air right now. I think I need to put off our meeting.


*發音:up in、the air、put off連音

*注意call off是取消,put off是延後

8. knuckle down 開始動手 / all go down the drain 白費、結束、失敗

We need to knuckle down and finish this project, or else it will all go down the drain.